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#1 2009-09-11 22:01:41

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Trace Memory

Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2
32-Bit Operating System
verison 0.9.4 x86 msvc 1500
Save Type: Autodetect
renderer: SoftRasterizer
Unrealistically High-Precision Color Interpolation
Sound Core: Direct Sound Interface
Interpolation: Linear
Buffer Size: 2940
Frame Skip: 1
Rotation: 0
Skip Separation: None

So I'm at the mansion door when you see two hands.
One is hold a sphere, the other isn't.
It activates the mini game where you throw the iron sphere up.
Bottom Screen the ore is on the ground with the grass and the buttom part of the wall.
Top screen total black.
Is this part of the game or is this a fixable problem?


#2 2009-09-11 22:05:55

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Re: Trace Memory

Just so you know I pass it, guessing.


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