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#1 2024-07-06 04:26:17

Radical Ninja
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Apologies to NeonWolf

I'm sorry, I accidentally deleted your account sad  I was on autopilot and your reply looked like spam to me.

here's what you posted:

I know there have been mic blowing sound issues before, but I know my way around that. The issue I'm having is with a game called Dragon Tamer Sound Spirits. It's a very old game that I've had for a long time, and wanted to play again. The problem is when I try to use Audacity to record the needed audio tunes to hatch certain dragon eggs, the playback in the emulator is nothing but loud, gargled noise. I've done everything I could to reduce the noise in the final audio export, but that only seemed to make it worse. I know mic emulation is complex, but even a 5 second sound of Twinkle Little Star played with just piano keys with no background noise is too gargled and noisy.
Yeah, I am somewhat new to this though I have been using this emu for quite some time now. I've been all over Google and Reddit but can't find anything that helps.

Then I asked for a download of the mic samples you created. Then you posted a link to it.

Regrettably, I don't have the download link, since it was ellipsified and I didn't think fast enough to save it.

Please come back and repost it! Sorry!


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