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#1 2024-06-24 09:03:53

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Need help- Move Delta Emulator save files to Desumume

Greetings everyone, can someone help me ?
I played pokemon White using the Delta emulator on iOS, but I decided to move and play on laptop using desmume, I move all of the save files I export from the Delta emulator, but the desmume emulator cannot read my save files, any solution for this?

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#2 2024-06-24 22:19:12

Radical Ninja
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Re: Need help- Move Delta Emulator save files to Desumume

We don't make delta emulator and we don't support delta emulator. desmume's save file formats are fully documented. delta can support it or not, it is up to them. make sure you're not expecting SAVE STATES to be portable between delta and desmume. That will never happen. only in-game saves e.g. .sav or .dsv


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