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#1 2024-06-11 19:43:22

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Save file suddenly disappeared with no apparent reason

I wanted to resume my Soulsilver file, but when I opened the rom, the game started from the beginning. I saved the game last time I played and it didn´t show any problems before, i saved the game other times before and the next time i started playing it booted up normally where I left it. I didn't move or touch any files, so i have no idea what could have happened. I'm not very instructed in programming or emulation, does anyone know why could this have happened and if it could be reversed? I last saved right before challenging Whitney and I had spent tons of time farming in order to get the TMs for Flamethrower and Thunderbolt, as well as looking for a Scyther with the Technician ability, so I'm not really looking forward to do all of it over again, especially if there is no way to be sure it won't happen again:(.

I should mention that it wasn't an usual rom, it was edited with Universal Pokémon Randomizer to make possible trade evolutions without trading and some other stuff. I don't really know if these could be the reason behind my problem, but this isn't my first time modifying Pokémon roms this way and i had never seen this kind of problem.

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#2 2024-06-13 06:51:54

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Re: Save file suddenly disappeared with no apparent reason

get support for hacked roms from the hacked rom vendors. simplest explanation of this malfunction in a hacked rom is a bug in the hacked rom.


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