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#1 2024-06-07 07:24:41

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[Windows] DesMuMe Full Screen Issues

I've encountered a consistent occurrence when I try to view my game in full screen. This has happened with multiple games. When I try and enter full screen (alt+enter is the only way I've found) the window will indeed fill my screen - but with blocks of black and white on the side of the screen, as well as a screenshot of the game's frame during which I initiated fullscreen which floats to the left of the main screen.

It's not necessarily gamebreaking by any means, but it's difficult to get comfortable and immersed in the game when you can see your taskbar and any window open behind it while playing.

Has any one else encountered this issue? I appreciate any advice, no matter if you think I'd heard it before - no idea is too dumb! Cheers and gratitude my friends!


#2 2024-06-11 05:57:57

Radical Ninja
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Re: [Windows] DesMuMe Full Screen Issues

change config > display method


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