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#1 2024-01-23 08:53:42

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I'm stupid. Lost my savestate

Hi, so I played Pokemon White for a few days and had a blast.

Of course I am dumb and pressed savestate instead of loadstate at the entry screen and I overwrited my only savestate.

Now my question: I found .dst backup files (I think thats what they are) under stateslots > pokemon white. But when I press Load state from and select the file with the time stamp from yesterday it still sends me back to intro screen.

Do I have to restart and play everything from the beginning or am I doing something wrong?`

Thanks in advance!


#2 2024-01-24 06:22:35

Radical Ninja
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Re: I'm stupid. Lost my savestate

the backups save you from accidental loadstates, not accidental savestates. I've never heard anyone ask for that. I guess it could be redesigned to do that, too. But that's not how it works. Unless you backed up your important documents, they're gone.


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