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#1 2024-01-04 20:23:16

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Pokemon Platinum on iOS - Spear Pillar Freeze

Hey all, I've been playing on Desmume iOS, and after I beat the two grunts when I enter Spear Pillar, and the doubles battle with the two Team Galactic Commanders, Cyrus starts talking. He uses the red chain to summon Dialga and Palkia and... nothing happens after that. It just sits on the screen where Cyrus is looking forward in an empty Spear Pillar room. I can't save, can't access any in-game buttons, and nothing happens.

How do I get this scene to load so I can go on to catch Giratina? I've put in so much time into this game and would really like to beat it. Please Help!!


#2 2024-01-05 05:12:46

Radical Ninja
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Re: Pokemon Platinum on iOS - Spear Pillar Freeze

we don't make desmume ios. we dont support desmume ios.


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