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#1 2023-10-07 18:01:22

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cursor not working and controls and communication error

Hello, when i open up a new game on Desmume, for ex: pokemon platinum, the keybind controls don't work, and the cursor doesnt let me continue past the introduction

there is alao a problem where in Pokemon sacred gold, I got an "Communication error" and my entire save file got corrupted and my 50 hour game is gone and I cant get it anymore, the last saved one was at 20 hour, so is there any way to get it back ?


#2 2023-10-07 22:57:59

Radical Ninja
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Re: cursor not working and controls and communication error

1. you either don't understand how the game works (are you sure you know what buttons you are supposed to press at that scene? or maybe youre supposed to touch the touchscreen?) or you broke your keybindings or other settings. to fix the latter, delete your ini file.

2. don't try to use wifi features. wifi is not supported. unless YOU made backups, your data is lost. Make backups of important documents that you have invested many hours in. You may also find some backup savestates in the desmume directory, if you're using a new-enough version of desmume and were using savestates. You should also not use savestates in the first place unless you're an expert. Savestates can accumulate errors in a way in-game saves cannot


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