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#1 2023-08-30 01:33:35

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read/write access

When i dreag the game in the emulator it says: "Could not get the read/write access to the battery save files! the file will not be saved in the current session.

Chose Config > Path setting an ensure that the save ram directory exists and it's available for read/write access"

DeSmuMe has always worked well but all of a sudden it gave me this output and i can no longer save files, what should i do? I checked the Path settings but there's no read/write things.


#2 2023-08-30 05:07:12

Radical Ninja
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Re: read/write access

You have been running desmume from a directory in program files or from the archive file directly. Neither of these are safe, as it provokes complex behavior you don't understand. Dearchive everything to a directory on your desktop and work completely from there (that's the only simple way to use a windows system nowadays). You won't have your old battery saves, then. You need to use whatever desmume you're running now to configure the paths to figure out where it's been putting the battery saves (probably NOT in a directory you chose and obviously NOT one you control). It may be best to ask someone who knows how to use a computer to help you before you do too much or you risk losing old battery saves. Consider this a case of DATA LOSS and proceed carefully.


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