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#1 2023-08-24 09:04:57

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Need Help with Desmume Version - Save File Issue

I've been using Desmume to play some of my favorite DS games on my computer, and for the most part, everything has been running smoothly. Whenever I try to save my progress in a game, the emulator doesn't seem to create a save file. I'm currently using Desmume version 0.9.11, and I'm running it on Windows 10. I've tried reinstalling the emulator, checking the file paths for the save files, and even running it in compatibility mode, but nothing has helped so far.
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#2 2023-08-24 20:30:35

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Re: Need Help with Desmume Version - Save File Issue

delete everything and start over. work from a directory on your desktop. Put desmume in there. Put the rom in there. load the game, save, and close desmume. Open it all again and confirm it works. The only reason you will have problems with this is if you do something silly like try to put desmume in program files, or run it from the zipfile, or something like that.


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