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#1 2023-06-10 04:21:36

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Lost save from IOS to Windows

Hi, I downloaded the ROM onto my iPhone, I used the IPhone Desmume emulator to run Pokémon platinum. I got decently far into the game and realized I could only use cheats while running Pokémon platinum on windows. I used Dropbox to transfer my ROM from my IOS 13 to my Windows Insperion 11. When I go to open the ROM on my windows 11 pc it’s starts a new game and my old save is not there. I need to know how to transfer my save from my iPhone 13 to my insperion 11 (so I can use cheats) then back to my iPhone where I can comfortably play the game. PLEASE HELP! Im by no means a computer wiz and im at the end of my wits


#2 2023-06-11 02:47:40

Radical Ninja
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Re: Lost save from IOS to Windows

we don't make the iphone desmume, we don't support it. But you need to copy over the .dsv file. Hopefully the iphone version creates that. The save data is not stored in the rom.


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