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#1 2023-04-05 21:18:00

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Fossil Fighters Champions freezing during fossil cleaning

Good evening! I hope you're doing well
I came across a problem when I was playing Fossil Fighters champions on Pokemon Challenges' Desmume emulator settings ( this is the video and here ( … z0wyHgfLRo) is the link to the desmume folder he created for others to use, as it has settings for high resolution gameplay

As for the problem I experienced, when coming to the part of the game where you first clean a fossil, My game freezes entirely. The music halts abruptly and continues to stammer, while it freezes. I'm not sure what the problem was, I tried it on different resolutions, window sizes and nothing was working. Using the regular and unedited Desmume, it works just fine. It just doesn't have the resolution and polish that Pokemon Challenges' has, which is a bummer, I wanted to experience the game at max quality.

Anyways, if anyone knows the solution, please do let me know and give me a step by step. I'm not that great with computers or how Desmume funtions too well, lol. Thank you big_smile

Update: I just now tried to play it again on the regular Desmume and I am now encountering the same problem suddenly.

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Re: Fossil Fighters Champions freezing during fossil cleaning

I see desmume x432r. we don't make that. so we don't support that.


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