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#1 2022-10-31 16:58:35

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Glitching Game? Is this where I post this?


App Version:  0.9.13 x64 SSE4.2+AVX2 (LLVM-Clang v13.1.6)
Operating System: macOS v12.4 (21F79)
Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,2
ROM Serial: NTR-C64J-JPN

Emulation Speed: 1.00x
Auto Frame Skip: NO
SLOT-1 Device Type: Retail (Auto)
SLOT-2 Device Type: Auto
Advanced Bus-Level Timing: YES
Rigorous 3D Rendering Timing: NO
CPU Emulation Engine: Interpreter
Use Game-Specific Hacks: YES
External BIOS: NO
External Firmware: NO
GPU - Scaling Factor: 1x
GPU - Color Depth: 18-bit
3D Renderer - Engine: SoftRasterizer (HighResColor=YES, LineHack=YES, FragmentSamplingHack=NO, ThreadCount=Automatic)
3D Renderer - Enable Textures: YES
3D Renderer - Texture Deposterize: NO
3D Renderer - Texture Scaling Factor: 1x
3D Renderer - Edge Marking: YES
3D Renderer - Fog: YES
Video - Output Engine: macOS Metal GPUFamily2_v1 (Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 650)
Audio - Output Engine: macOS Core Audio Sound Interface
Audio - Advanced SPU Logic: YES
Audio - Sound Interpolation Method: Cosine
Audio - Sound Synchronization Method: "N" Sync Method

Cheats: NO

Support Request: I downloaded this ROM about two years ago, and things have been fine. A problem I’ve recently encountered is parts of the sprites in the game are in places they shouldn’t be. IE, character will blink and pixels making up the eyes will glitch and jump to the left, or character will be standing and a sliver from their shoulder will be completely off their body. The Music is also a bit distorted, but that only started happening as I typed this message. I’m not sure if its the game file that’s corrupted or a glitch in the emulator as I’m very unsavvy with all this. I’m worried because wherever I downloaded the NDS file seems to be gone, and I can’t find another one.

If you need to contact me for images or more information my email is

Thank you so much!



#2 2022-10-31 20:11:51

Radical Ninja
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Re: Glitching Game? Is this where I post this?

No files are corrupted.  To fix the graphical problems generally, probably you should stop using savestates. If the music is also a bit distorted, but only as you finished typing this, then the most likely explanation is your computer is melting down, most likely due to dust and overheating and parts coming desoldered or the PSU becoming dysfunctional, or else your mac has done a system update and installed official apple malware, or someone has installed unofficial actual malware that's sucking up your cpu processor. The heat is my best guess though. Computers start doing stuff like that when they're about to melt down. You should probably get all your important files backed up while you still can, and then be patient and use desmume as a test case to collect more data about how your system is degrading.


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