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slow motion

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I sat waiting for my husband, Wayne's, call, with complete dread. I had no Idea how I could talk to him and pretend I hadn't just ruined our marriage. My stomach felt like I'd swallowed a bag of cement. A long, hot shower did not help to make me feel any cleaner. In fact, I felt nothing but dirty. In just one mindless day, I had tossed all morals aside and succumbed to animal lust with a complete stranger, in my own home.

As these words play in my mind, that was part of the problem. It didn't feel like my home. Since we moved to Dallas for my husband's career, I hadn't embraced the new home, or the town.

On paper, it made perfect sense. I could easily transfer with my company. I work for a large retailer of primarily women's clothing and home goods. His promotion came with a significant raise. However, it turned out, I hated my new boss, and the stress of moving our children away from family, made me feel trapped and resentful.

Wayne tried to help, telling me I could leave my job until we got settled, but that thought only made me feel more dependent and more deeply trapped. I had always been independent-minded and proud of my career. The thought of being a stay-at-home mom, while having some appeal, was always terrifying to me. I would be completely dependent on him for everything. There was no chance I could ever do that.

Then, when Mark showed up at my house, and made me feel sexy and vital, I just lost my fucking mind. All my pent-up frustration, fear and anger released in an animal passion; I hadn't felt in years. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Wayne is a pilot for a major airline and got a promotion with a significant raise to move from Baltimore to Dallas. We discussed it, weighed the pros and cons, and mutually decided to make the move. I went into this, eyes wide open and confident it was the best for our family.

I knew it would be hard being away from Mom and my sister, but with our flight perks, it would be easy to fly back or have them fly out as frequently as we wanted.

Unfortunately, the new boss turned out to be an oppressive, hands-on prick, who used to have my job, and refused to see how anyone would want to handle anything differently than him.

That introduced a whole new level of stress and exponentially increased the stress between Wayne and me and magnified every obstacle. Trying to find daycare and looking at schools became another point of frustration, and with Wayne's travel schedule, the weight of it all rested firmly on me.

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Re: slow motion

delete your ini file


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