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#1 2022-04-27 19:33:34

Nooby S.
Registered: 2022-04-27
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Is there a way I can fast-forward properly?

By properly I actually mean, (not to compare with any other emulator in quality) fast, when I try to fast forward in Desmume (and other DS emulators) it doesn't speed really that much and the fps just drop (though the FPS rate goes higher, I see it skips some frames). I tried a lot of stuff by now, change graphics, emulator settings, using the hotkeys to increase the fps, trying to see if the frame limiter did something, but nothing, my pc isn't bad at all and still, the fast forward works a bit awful.
I'm used to fast forward from emulators like SnesX9 or Visual Boy Advance, which work pretty nice and have a really nice speed up without dropping fps and without needing to configure anything and... well it kinda sucks to play Pokémon at normal speed (yeah, call me whatever you want but I don't have enough patience) so, is there a way to fast forward JUST like those emulators? (desmume is not a bad emulator at all, i love it, but it's just that aspect that ruins me a bit the pokémon experience).


#2 2022-04-27 21:25:03

Radical Ninja
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Re: Is there a way I can fast-forward properly?

I have no problem skipping. Your computer is not beefy enough. NDS emulation takes more horsepower than GBA or SNES. Did you change the frame skip options and then forget about it? Try deleting your ini file to reset the settings.


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