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#1 2022-01-16 17:20:40

Chill Phill
Registered: 2022-01-16
Posts: 1

Corrupted save file Pokemon Soulsilver


When I want to start up my Soulsilver it show me a message "The save file will be erased due to corruption or damage"
I haven't had any similar problem like this in the past, didn't use any cheats or pokegen. I played two hours ago and everything was fine back then so I don't know how it happened.

Is there any way to fix this? I looked it up online but didn't find anything usefull, I'd rather not lose my progress.


#2 2022-01-17 02:08:11

Radical Ninja
Registered: 2009-01-05
Posts: 5,848

Re: Corrupted save file Pokemon Soulsilver

Perhaps you closed desmume while it was in the middle of saving. Anyway unless you have backups or savestates near where you left off, there's nothing you can do.


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