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#1 2021-10-08 05:05:06

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Poke gen lost my save file

I used poke gen to evolve my scyther into a scizor but when I saved the new file I saved it as some sort of file that was already selected for me (it said something like pokemon heartgold and then it listed some file formats it might have been a prompt but I couldn't change it) but when I saved it as that and tried to import the new save file I couldn't find the save file and the original one was wiped. I fiddled around a bit and moved the new save file from poke gen but then it said file was not found on this pc. So I probably kind of messed it up tbh.
I don't even know if its possible to fix it so if it's not maybe I can just use cheats to to get to the point I'm up to on a new save file? If anyone has any advice please respond.

btw im playing heartgold

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