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#1 2021-06-14 07:06:19

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Manual for Mac??

Hi everyone, is there a readme or a manual for the mac version of this?
Can someone post it or link to it?
Cuz i never got the readme.
If there isn't one, can someone tell me  how I operate the touchscreen?


#2 2021-06-14 21:51:53

Radical Ninja
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Re: Manual for Mac??

you click it with your mouse. If it doesn't work, the stop using a firmware file. Your firmware is miscalibrated.

I found the mac manual in TEN SECONDS

go to find the VERY FIRST LINK (in the right column, documentation). click the SECOND LINK (desmume manual). click the SECOND LINK (DeSmuME Platform Specific Manuals). Click the FIFTH LINK IN THE LIST (macintosh port). Then discover there isn't one.


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