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#1 2021-06-07 20:11:21

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top half of my screen is cut off

I was playing some pokemon diamond and discovered that with pgdn I can change my screen, and also discovered that the end key makes my screen look different. for example, the top half goes to the side and the poke-watch goes to the other side. I messed around with it for a minute and tried to go back to the original ratio of the game on the top and the pockewatch on the bottom while there black borders on the side. But it's not working and instead, I got the poke-watch to be huge and cover most of the actual game, I can still play but it's too small to see. Also if I try to window the game to watch youtube while playing it goes all huge screen and I can't see anything, it worked normally before the screen got messed up

side note this is my 1st post so I'm not sure if I'm providing everything I need so, please bear with me

file:///C:/Users/lenovossd/OneDrive/Pictures/Screenshots/2021-06-07%20(1).png (link to the image idk if you guys will be able to see it but I'm giving it a shot)

edit i switched the screen gap to max then none and its fixed, i would still like to know why it happened but thankfully i fixed it, also after i fixed it when i would window it would be blacked out i just reset the window size and it worked

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#2 2021-06-07 21:19:14

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Re: top half of my screen is cut off

options are complicated. desmume is buggy. there's no further explanation than that. you may also change config > display method to affect how many bugs there are.


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