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#1 2021-06-02 18:51:08

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Desmume Help?

So, I just got this new laptop and even though it can play something like Skyrim with no lag whatsoever, all emulation seems to be beyond it? It can JUST run at about 100% but because grinding is so slow in Pokémon games I really want the turbo button to make it go a bit faster...

My specs are:

Processor: AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphic, it's 1.8 GHZ (quad core)

RAM: 4GB, 3.46 usable.

It's 64 bit, if that's relevant.


#2 2021-06-03 03:04:01

Radical Ninja
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Re: Desmume Help?

1. read the sticky. you are not technical and this is not a technical question.
2. read the sticky on the other forums. speedup tips are in the faq. there are no further tips.


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