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#1 2021-03-02 22:02:24

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RetroPie White Screen on the bottom

Hey guys i'm trying to use DeSmuME 2015 on my RetroPie.

Everything is at the latest version.

I'm trying to set it to be "top only" or "quick switch" that way the top is full screen and then i select a input to switch to the bottom.

Everything seems fine, but when i switch screens its just white?

Is there a way to set this up to work. I'm also playing on a very small Pi Boy DMG screen so hybrid is less than ideal.

Here our my retroarch settings..

desmume_advanced_timing = "enabled"
desmume_cpu_mode = "jit"
desmume_firmware_language = "Auto"
desmume_frameskip = "0"
desmume_gfx_edgemark = "enabled"
desmume_gfx_linehack = "enabled"
desmume_gfx_txthack = "disabled"
desmume_hybrid_cursor_always_smallscreen = "enabled"
desmume_hybrid_layout_scale = "1"
desmume_hybrid_showboth_screens = "enabled"
desmume_internal_resolution = "512x384"
desmume_jit_block_size = "12"
desmume_load_to_memory = "disabled"
desmume_mic_force_enable = "disabled"
desmume_mic_mode = "internal"
desmume_mouse_speed = "1.0"
desmume_num_cores = "1"
desmume_pointer_colour = "white"
desmume_pointer_device_acceleration_mod = "0"
desmume_pointer_device_deadzone = "15"
desmume_pointer_device_l = "none"
desmume_pointer_device_r = "none"
desmume_pointer_mouse = "enabled"
desmume_pointer_stylus_jitter = "disabled"
desmume_pointer_stylus_pressure = "50"
desmume_pointer_type = "mouse"
desmume_screens_gap = "0"
desmume_screens_layout = "top only"


#2 2021-03-02 23:25:24

Radical Ninja
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Re: RetroPie White Screen on the bottom

we don't make the retroarch desmume. you will have to ask retroarch for support


#3 2021-03-08 03:13:29

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Re: RetroPie White Screen on the bottom



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