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#1 2020-07-27 07:36:42

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Question related to my Pokemon game

So I started a new game In Pokemon Black when i already had a profile saved, and i noticed the message that it would'nt let me save if i had already a profile.. I ignored this knowing that i could just save state and thinking that i could move the other saved file from the "Battery" folder to another place and it would allow me if i ever wanted to save... but it apparently doesn't. So my question is, is there ANY way at all to delete my already saved profile ingame without having to reset? (other wise i'd loose my progress) like a hack, a cheat code a trick or something like that that would allow me to save my progress

Other solution would be to somehow move my pokemon from the new states to the old one i had which i already completed, is this possible??


#2 2020-07-27 18:13:26

Radical Ninja
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Re: Question related to my Pokemon game

No. No. and No, No, and No to any other question you may ask. You ignored the warning. The consequences must be paid.


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