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#1 2019-05-29 06:56:54

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Emulator seems to be lacking Action Replay function?Using most recent.

My apologies if this seems blindingly obvious. But I was told that DeSmuME's recent versions supported an integrated Action Replay code function. Despite this, I can't seem to find a way to enter them.

Figuring I was just being an idiot, I googled it. And....looking at videos such as ....Well frankly this doesn't look anything like the emulator I have. I have 9.11, which as far as I can tell is the most recent version, and it doesn't look anything like this. Among other things, I don't have the "Emulation" tab/menu where the AR entry is stored.

I am on windows, for whatever difference that makes, but surely they'd have the same features? Did I just get a bad link or somehow an outdated version? Or does only the Japanese fork have AR capabilities?

I'm sincerely in need of some assistance here. Googling an answer has thus fair failed me entirely. It's just completely glossed over and the wiki is out of date as far as I can tell. I just want to play children's card games without having to grind forever for anything that isn't pack filler garbage.

EDIT: Digging around in various features such as tools has after considerable fiddling coughed up what I think might be it, but I am thus far uncertain. Will be experimenting further, but any input or assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Emulator seems to be lacking Action Replay function?Using most recent.

9.11 is way dated.  you can get the latest build here which has a 100% operational AR  code engine … /artifacts

to add codes load the game you want to hack.  go to the top and click  tools:  cheats:  list.  click action replay to add a code.

you can get a huge AR code database here.  and load this file directly in to desmume wile the game is running  (via cheat list)  there is an error that comes up when loading data base files.  just ignore it. … s/releases


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