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#1 2019-05-01 20:21:04

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Export save from Inds yo Desmume on pc and backwards

I am having an issue trying to import the save file on Inds to Desmume on my pc. I have seen other topics that seems to have solved the issue, but after several hours modifying the save file haven’t found a way to make it work. I’d hope for a visual solution, some kind of video tutorial or sort.

Also I’d like to know how to do the process backwards. The idea is to play either in my iPhone or my pc moving the save files.

As addendum, also how to make the file readable for pkhex so trade evolution could be a thing.

Thanks in advance.


#2 2019-05-01 22:45:04

Radical Ninja
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Re: Export save from Inds yo Desmume on pc and backwards

the video solution will be on youtube.
use file > import backup memory.
If that doesn't work, then your source backup memory is garbage. Wrong extension, wrong format, something wrong with it.
To get from desmume, use file > export backup memory and try both of the options depending on your needs


#3 2019-05-02 12:02:59

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Re: Export save from Inds yo Desmume on pc and backwards

Well, after a few hours of going back and forth, I have managed to do it, the whole process. I will describe it so other people can do it.

Previous considerations: We are gonna need a hex program, to "cut and paste" the filler that is used so Iphone memory can read the file. I have used HxD for this matter.
Second, we will need to see the extension files in our computer. To do so, open the register (Windows+R) write "regedit" and go to this direction: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced  Then look for HiddenFileExt, double click, and change the value to 0. Reboot.
To make the process a bit faster, enable dropbox sync in Inds.

Now, we begin:

-Take the dsv file that it is not a save state. If your lastest save was done with this method, enter the game in inds, and save "ingame".
-Place it in a folder, and make a copy of it, just in case things go south. The open with Hxd.
-At the end of all the coding, you will see something like this "snip above to make a raw save file". We have to erase all the ÿ above that sentence, until there is different coding. Beware a couple things: start from bottom to top, there are other coding areas where this ÿ symbol appears, but the only ones required are those "next" to the sentence. If it is your first time, open the wordpad, cut all the ÿ, and paste them there, and save. They will be required later.
-Save and close HxD, and change the extension from .dsv to .sav file.
-Now, copy or move the save file to the battery folder of desmume.
-Run desmume, using the same rom used in Inds (or with the same name), then go to file-import backup memory, and select your save.
-If all was done correctly, now you are playing your game on your pc. Congrats, this is the first part.

Second part (only for pokemon games)
-Save your game in desmume. Then select file-export backup memory.  This will generate a save readable for pkhex. After you have modified whatever you feel like, export the save from pokehex, play it on desmume (repeat the file-import backup memory) then save again.

Third Part.
-Save your game on desmume. Then go to file-export backup memory. NAME THE FILE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ROM YOU WILL BE PLAYING IN INDS. Place the sav file somewhere else ( faster if you do it in the same folder used to modify the original save from Inds)
-Open Hxd, open the wordpad with the ÿ.
-TRICKY PART: now we have the ÿ symbol BELOW the sentence "snip above here...". We will have to erase them (again, there are a lot). And then paste the symbol above the sentence. If it was done correctly, the last row should be 00080070.
-Save, and then change the extension from .sav to .dsv
-Move the new .dsv file to the dropbox folder where your saves are.
-If the whole thing was done correctly, you should play normally.

Hope it works for you. Have a nice time playing!


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