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#1 2017-01-28 12:42:43

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DeSmuME domain name

Hey guys,

As some of you already knows, I'm the owner of the domain name.
I bought it ten years ago just after taking over the DeSmuME project.

Now... it's been a while I'm not active at all in the project and it doesn't makes much sense that I keep owning it.

So, I'm looking for someone to transfer the domain name to.
Of course, that needs to be someone wanting to buy it for the project and not to turn it into some commercial site smile

I paid this morning for the renewal for 2017, meaning that the domain should transfered before 2018-02-09
(though I think there's some period before renewal when it cannot be transfered...)

Anyone interested can reply to this subject or mail me at if you want to keep private.
(but I'll contact project members before agreeing to anything)


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