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Re: Filters and resolution

Sounds great. I already cannot wait to see the results. ^^

I hope you don't get me wrong. I am really appreciating all your hard work and improvements.
But I am currently thinking how to improve the image quality of the first 3D consoles and the first 3D Handhelds.
PSX, Saturn and even N64 have the issues of very pixelated graphics. Nowadays you can hardly play the games from those consoles.
You really need a) higher resolution with improvements of the GPU (e.g. GTE accuracy) and b) texture filtering.
The same applies for the DS and the PSP.

The issue I am always seeing with xBRZ is posterisation.
PSP with Monster Hunter is always the best example:
Even Bilinear Filtering is giving a better result:

The question is how to get the sharp  structures of xBRZ but also the nice transitions of Bilinear.
PPSSPP has a great approach with the Hybrid+Bicubic and Deposterisation effect (currently my favorite)
Here is a very interesting blog entry about the approach:

But the libretro team with the different shader combiniations can also give astonishing results.
So I am looking to the best filter/scaler combinations.
Currently I think Super XBR or XBRZ  / Bicubic / Hybrid / Hybrid + Bicubic with the Deposterisation Option are the best features for scaling/fiterling.
But the biliteral filter removes the pixels also extremely well (here the c++ source: … lter.html)

I would really like to test a little bit around which combinations are the best result, but unfortunately I don't have the time for that. :-(

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