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#1 2014-12-07 02:33:02

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Age of Empire problem report

Hello, using DeSmuME 0.9.10 (32 bits)

I was giving a try to the Age of Empire game (the 1st, not the mythology one) and noticed when trying the 1st mission of the tutorial that lots of dialogues are missing, i mean the panels that are displaying on a regular DS aren't displaying (in the 1st mission of the tutorial, one of your ally constantly explain what to do and how, those dialogue panel are supposed to be on the bottom of the screen but they do not appear)

After testing a bit with the settings, i noticed this is directly linked to the "Use dynamic Compiller" setting, as if i disable it , there is not problem and the missing panels are all correctly displayed.

I tested with the most recent SVN version from Orphis’s DeSmuME BuildBot and noticed the problem was the same.

After testing a bit more, it appears that the problem does not happen too if "Use dynamic compiller" is enabled but block size is at 15 or lower, if i set it to 16 or higher , the problem will come (same on both 0.9.10 and on the latest SVN i could try).

Just reporting in case it's not a bug of the compiler but is related to how the AOE game itself is coded, so it could be useful of being added to the knowledge base for user references.


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