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#1 2012-11-24 22:06:28

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Are there plans to use a new RNG?

When playing Strange Journey I noticed that skill distribution for demons is fixed during fusion.
Regardless of how often I started and restarted nit, going in out of of the entire menu, doing several battles inbetween or whatever, every time I try to fuse the same 2 demons, the result will always have the exact same skills.
Likewise I noticed that if you have a save before an attack in any round based rpg, the outcome of the attack is fixed and no amount of loading your pre-attack save will change this unless you change your actions (like using a different attack, or having someone else do something different from before).

The fixed attacks aren't really a problem, but not being able to get different skills during fusion in SMT games is a real dealbreaker.

Do you have any intentions of creating a new RNG or is that too much work / too low priority?


#2 2012-12-13 15:44:12

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Re: Are there plans to use a new RNG?

RNG is not part of the emulator. It is part of the game software.


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