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#1 2012-07-05 20:16:55

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[MAC] Workaround for intermittent application freezes for v0.9.8

An issue was discovered recently where using the Dual SPU Synch/Asynch sound setting will cause DeSmuME to freeze intermittently. The freezing may occur at any time for any game.

Versions Affected: DeSmuME for Mac v0.9.8
- This issue does not affect the Windows or Linux ports, and also does not affect any Mac version before v0.9.8.

Workaround: Use one of the sound synchronization methods (N, Z, or P). This will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the intermittent freezing.
1. Go to View > Sound Settings.
2. In the Sound Settings panel, under SPU Sound Synchronization Method, choose Synchronous.
3. Choose one of the three synchronization methods, "N" Method, "Z" Method, or "P" Method. Using "P" Method is recommended.

This is an issue that we're working on. The technical details can be found on our SourceForge bug tracker: … tid=832291

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