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#1 2012-01-29 23:53:55

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Using current DirectX headers and libraries in the Windows build.

Hello, I was just trying to get to know how DeSmuME is written in case I could see a way to improve its performance when I realized you're using headers and a library for DirectX provided with the project files instead of relying in the current release of them.

I made the changes to use the current DirectX SDK (besides changing the #include directives and files to link to in the linker config the only thing needed to change was to explicitly link against ddraw.dll using LoadLibrary()) and the build was successful. What is the rationale behind using that? I saw some code branches for MinGW, is to be compatible with it?

Not that it matters performance related, but if you wanted I could send a patch against the current svn revision.

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#2 2012-02-01 22:20:50

Radical Ninja
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Re: Using current DirectX headers and libraries in the Windows build.

there is absolutely no reason to link to newer directx libraries. there is no need and no benefit. there isnt even any code in the libs, there just shims to call out to whatever dll is current on the system. directsound and directdraw arent even updated by microsoft anymore.


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