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#1 2011-11-17 00:17:33

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives

For some reason DeSmuME has a problem with this game... On the first case (I cant say anything about the other ones because I cant get past the first) you need to collect evidence at the crime scene. When you use the swab tool your supposed to "brush" the swab on the evidence by swiping the area with the touch screen. I dont think the program can register the brushing motion.

Any idea on how to fix?


#2 2011-11-17 02:03:29

Radical Ninja
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Re: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives

svn r4129 should fix this. my initial guesses as to the cause were wrong. I now believe it is caused by the game polling the touch position twice when it detects that youre swiping within a contextually correct area--the second time to gauge the speed at which youre swiping. since desmume only updates its input once a frame, the game never saw any motion during this interval. so, i added a hack which jitters the stylus position when it is read a second time. this is not quite as gross as it sounds since it is virtually impossible for a human to hold the stylus exactly still, so he is likely to be jittering it in reality anyway. I suppose the game was counting on this.

this game works in Ideas and nocash. i guess those emulators read the stylus position multiple times within a frame, since theyre not made by TASers


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