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#1 2010-10-26 08:24:52

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Touching two points at once?

Hi there! I recently ran into an issue while playing the sequel to Hotel Dusk, which is The Last Window, and I'm at the part where I have to flip two switches at once to turn off a fire alarm.

I've read the FAQ which states I have to flip a switch, pause the game, and then flip an imaginary switch in the middle while manipulating the frame advance hotkey. This is all fine and dandy... but I must be missing something.

I simply cannot get the other switch to flip no matter how fast or slow I manipulate the hotkey
Hotel Dusk Switches

I have attached a image of what I am dealing with, and the approximate area of which I am "sliding" the imaginary switch.

Hopefully someone can help me out here. Thank you!

Edit: I got it.

How I did it was (For anyone who might need help too)...

With the game paused, both switches on the same side, I slid my stylus up the orange parts of the switches (on the right most side of the switch itself), while rapidly touching the frame forward hotkey. Briefly, at one point, I would see two white circles on BOTH of the switches at the same time. When I saw these circles, I would STOP all action. I would not press the frame key nor would I move the stylus. This froze both circles on the screen.

Then I would mock sliding the switches in between the two switches (Right in the middle on the metal part of the switch panel) while mashing the frame key.

This flipped both switches for me.

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#2 2010-10-26 13:03:32

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Re: Touching two points at once?

Well, you got this problem today?
I'm stuck there too today.

Umm.. When you said "rapidly touching the frame forward key", do mean to "hold" the key or rapidly "press" it?


I've got it. Thanks for the info. smile

For you who couldn't understand the instruction above, try to read this, hope it will help.

Here's the explantion:
rapidly touching = rapidly press(press, release, press, then release again, and so on)

pause the game, both switch is ON, then slowly, slide the stylus(hold the click) from the bottom SWITCH(precisely on the SWITCH itself) to the top one(exactly to the SWITCH, not higher nor lower) WHILE RAPIDLY PRESSING THE FORWARD FRAME KEY. then you'll see two white circles, on both the bottom and top switch. this time, try to slide the stylus in the middle of the SCREEN(the one you move your stylus at), if it doesn't work, try it at JUST below the top switch, from right to left WHILE RAPIDLY PRESSING THE FORWARD FRAME KEY. You may see both switches go back to on for a while, but it will quickly turn to left.

Good Luck! smile

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#3 2010-10-26 17:33:43

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Re: Touching two points at once?

I would elaborate on why this works this way and why you probably misinterpreted the faq, but apparently youve done a good job explaining it so I won't muddle the situation any and the faq seems to have put you on the right track anyway. Maybe I'll link to this thread from the faq.


#4 2010-12-30 19:47:09

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Re: Touching two points at once?

Hi, i play "Hotel Dusk" at the moment. In the 2nd level you must lift a cupboard with a crowbar, to remove a paper wich is under it. when you leave the crowbar, to get the paper,(white circle), the cupboard smashes back to the floor, and someone is coming to watch at. My question is: How can i get the paper under the cupboard, without leaving the crowbar??? can anyone help me? thx a lot!



#5 2012-02-25 11:44:36

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Re: Touching two points at once?

This is working only in Last Window. Is there a way to do this in Hotel Dusk, too?
I managed to put the switches up nearly simultaneously, but thats not enough!
Please help me ><

I know that thread is old but since there is no explanation for the Hotel Dusk game I wrote it here...

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#6 2023-10-05 05:04:48

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Re: Touching two points at once?

I made a video of this here

Steps are:
1. Click one of the switch handles and pause the game without releasing the mouse button
2. Release the mouse button
3. Click and hold the right switch handle, and use the frame advance key a few times as you move your mouse up, not releasing the mouse button.
4. As soon as the red light comes on, keep the emulation paused.
5. With the game still paused, release the mouse button and then click the middle red light, do not release the mouse button.
6. Unpause the emulation, nothing should change, now drag your mouse up.


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