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#1 2013-12-22 21:21:45

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game not working with emulator

every time i try and play yugioh stardust accelerator on desmume a message always comes up saying
" desmume has stopped working
windows can check for online for a solution to the problem"
and it gives me two options
1. check for a online solution and close the program
2. close the program

this happens everytime i choose the game it doesnt even start loading anything just crashes straight away
ive tried downloading the rom from different sites that i know have worked before but still does it

my desmume used to work but its just all of a sudden stopped working
ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling it many of times but it keeps doing it over and over again
ive also tried using winzip to unzip it all and open it through that but it just keep doing it

any suggestions because its really starting to bug me now

thanks guys


#2 2013-12-23 01:09:51

Radical Ninja
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Re: game not working with emulator

there is no desmume installer, and no desmume uninstaller. if youre installing and uninstalling, then you must be using some adulterated desmume we know nothing about.

dearchive it to your desktop. do not run it from the zipfile. this should ensure the settings are clean. in this case, if it used to work on your system, and now doesnt, then your system has changed and begun malfunctioning.


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