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#1 2013-02-27 16:24:01

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Pc freezing after a few min of gameplay

I've never in my PC's life had it freeze on me before, and its a built desktop so I know it can handle this emulator. But recently it started freezing ONLY when the game is up and running.

Any suggestions or help?

I've googled and read other forums with this issue and all I saw were "its your computer! blah blah blah!"
It is NOT my pc, so dont suggest that please.

here are my specs if you really believe its my pc. but like i said, its never froze on me before. I downloaded this emulator two days ago, and it just started this today and now does it every few min.

AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight Core Processor 3.10ghz
16.0gig of DDR5 ram
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

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#2 2013-02-27 17:54:36

Awesome Possum
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Re: Pc freezing after a few min of gameplay

It's your PC.

Is it a complete freeze where you need to power off your computer, or does your computer just stutter?


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