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#1 2009-03-04 09:43:22

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Etrian Odyssey Menu Errors

Near the start of the game the keypad graphic when naming your guild at the explorer's guild, doesn't display. The keypad will flash for a second while clicking with the pen/mouse but dissapear after. Not sure how to explain it though. So far everything else seems to display right. like the other menus.

Also another question; The emu seems to run faster than 60fps when selecting 0 frame skip. i assumed that selecting 0 frame skip would set or lock the emulation to 60fps or slower. However, if i select AUTO, it seems to run at 60 fps with a bit of choppy sound unless setting the sound buffer to 4096. I guess selecting AUTO is like setting it to 60fps. a few games I've tried though, like NEW SMB run skippy when selecting AUTO but run smoother, yet faster than 60fps when selecting 0 frame skip. Any suggestions to manually set/lock the emulation to 60fps in the INI file? I tried setting the frameskip to 60 in the ini but that's exactly what it does, skips 60 frames/sec. heh smile

System Hardware

AMD 64 x2 7550 Dual core 2.7ghz
2gb ddr2
Radeon 2100 Intergrated GPU
Realtec AC888 HD sound



#2 2009-03-04 17:21:07

Radical Ninja
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Re: Etrian Odyssey Menu Errors

This is fubar. I messed it up. It is going to be fixed in the next release.
We need an option called "frameskip 0 throttle" which corresponds to how desmume used to work, which is for it to slow down in slow areas of the game (frameskip 0) but never go beyond 60fps in fast areas.


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