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#1 2024-06-29 13:49:32

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Cant figure out Hide/Show Menu Hotkey

Hello, I recently installed desmume on my Chromebook with Linux. I am trying to play SoulSilver, but kept running into crashes, my network blocks the forum, so I just now figured out that they don't support those specific titles. I will find a new game now, but while troubleshooting why it crashes, I accidentally clicked the HIDE MENU button, I cant figure out how to get it back. I would like to use the rest of the programs functionality in the future. Can someone reply with the specific Hotkey, or how I can get to the configuration files. I found something on Reddit and it states:

tvvoty commented on Mar 7, 2021 •
So, is there a way to get it back at all? I tried reinstalling it but that didn't work.
Edit: Ok, I got it, in /home/(user)/.var/app/org.desmume.DeSmuME/config/desmume/config.cfg you have to change ShowMenu=false to ShowMenu=true.

How do I go about finding this and fixing the showmenu command?
Thanks for your time


#2 2024-07-02 08:54:31

Radical Ninja
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Re: Cant figure out Hide/Show Menu Hotkey

so is your problem solved?


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