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#1 2024-04-01 17:06:33

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Save being ignored by ROM

Heya, I've been playing Renegade Platinum recently and noticed that DeSmuME had created 5 folders on my desktop. Stupidly, I removed them not realising that the emulator needs them to be on the desktop. I was playing as I removed the folders and didn't notice anything wrong until today where I went to load up the game again. My game doesn't show my save file and acts like it's my first time playing, even though the folders are back on my desktop and the .dsv file containing my save is in the 'Battery' folder.
I have tried:

1. Removing the new .dsv files that the ROM creates from the battery folder, leaving only the save data I'm trying to recover

2. Converting my save data to .sav (using both an online converter and simply changing the file extension) and then using 'Import backup memory'. Doing this causes the ROM to reset, but still not recovering my save data.

3. Renaming the .dsv file I'm trying to use to the .dsv file the game uses. The game just makes a new .dsv file


#2 2024-04-01 19:34:12

Radical Ninja
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Re: Save being ignored by ROM

You got mixed up and clobbered your good save data with a new file that the game creates when it first boots with no save file present. This is easy to accidentally do while undeleting stuff. You can prove this by comparing the one you think is good save data with the one desmume creates in a hex editor and observing that they're identical, give or take a few bytes maybe from something random. What will be missing is all your progress.


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