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#1 2023-08-10 03:49:06

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Explorers of Sky Controls


App Version:  0.9.13 ARM64 NEON-A64 (LLVM-Clang v13.1.6)
Operating System: macOS v13.5 (22G74)
Model Identifier: Mac14,3

Emulation Speed: 1.00x
Auto Frame Skip: NO
SLOT-1 Device Type: Retail (Auto)
SLOT-2 Device Type: None
Advanced Bus-Level Timing: YES
Rigorous 3D Rendering Timing: NO
CPU Emulation Engine: Interpreter
Use Game-Specific Hacks: YES
External BIOS: NO
External Firmware: NO
GPU - Scaling Factor: 1x
GPU - Color Depth: 18-bit
3D Renderer - Engine: SoftRasterizer (HighResColor=YES, LineHack=YES, FragmentSamplingHack=NO, ThreadCount=Automatic)
3D Renderer - Enable Textures: YES
3D Renderer - Texture Deposterize: NO
3D Renderer - Texture Scaling Factor: 1x
3D Renderer - Edge Marking: YES
3D Renderer - Fog: YES
Video - Output Engine: macOS Metal GPUFamily2_v1 (Apple M2)
Audio - Output Engine: macOS Core Audio Sound Interface
Audio - Advanced SPU Logic: YES
Audio - Sound Interpolation Method: Cosine
Audio - Sound Synchronization Method: "N" Sync Method

Cheats: NO

This is already my second play through- I tried to export and import from my old windows machine to the Mac, but it wouldn’t work so I lost everything.
I have a Mac now and I got pretty far in the game (chapter 13, which is where I was last time). I had my volume all the way down and when I went to turn the volume up, the controls stopped moving- I couldn’t move or go to the menus. I tried restarting desmume, which didn’t work. I also restarted my computer a few times; that didn’t work either. I can’t find a setting that fixes the problem.
Does anyone know of a solution?

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#2 2023-08-11 15:43:31

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Re: Explorers of Sky Controls

What input device are you using for DeSmuME? If it is a HID device, such as a gamepad or joystick, then this scenario should be impossible. Please report back ASAP if this is the case!

If you are using a keyboard, then it is possible for this to happen. For keyboard input to work on Mac, an emulation display window requires focus for the emulation to accept any keyboard and mouse inputs. This is by design, since other windows also require focus for their keyboard/mouse controls, such as text boxes. You really don't want some random typing in some settings text box located in another window to affect the emulation input!

Whether you are changing the sound volume from the Sound Settings panel or from an emulation display window, the solution is the same: After you've changed the sound volume to your liking, simply click onto one of your display windows (the video area or the title bar will do), and then the emulation will accept keyboard/mouse inputs again. That's it.


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