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#1 2023-03-25 03:34:37

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Desmume resets the DSV file even though i have a backup

im using a randomized ROM of pokemon black 2, if that matters, aswell as pkHAX rather than pkHEX in case that changes anything.

so i was messing around with PKhex and at one point when i tried to drag and drop the dsv file into pkhex (which i've done countless times before), it just..... vanished???????? luckily i had a backup, so i figured i could just load that up in PKhex and export it as main and put it in the "Battery" folder where all the other dsv's are like it had never left, but after doing so i loaded up the ROM in desmume to make sure it was back to normal but it sent me back to the "new game" screen, like i had never started a save of the game before. which sent me into a slight panic, but luckily my save states are still fine and still work so i checked those and i do have one that is *pretty* close to where i was before the dsv vanished.

...but due to stubbornness & just general confusion, i didn't want to just accept that all my small changes were gone and i'd have to do all that tedious stuff again. i loaded up the backup of the current time dsv in pkhex and it still works. i can see all my box movements and my current party that i had left with; nothing is gone. so all that was left was the technicality that is "replacing the missing dsv with the backup exported as a dsv, but desmume takes this personally and erases the replacement dsv with a brand new empty one, completely putting me back to square one at the 'new game' screen"

the main reason i feel compelled to fix this rather than just accept being sent a little ways back in time is because i can still see the save as i mentioned earlier; in pkhex i can see with my eyes that all my pokemon are still there exactly where i left them. again, it really isn't the end of the world since i thankfully have that save state so it could've been MUCH worse (god forbid)...

i suppose im mainly asking out of curiosity--- why does desmume reject the replacement dsv file for the original one that just... disappeared into thin air or something... and erase it with a completely empty one when it very much still loads into pkhex, which i assume means it isn't corrupted?

if you'd like more clarification on what i mean, im more than willing to do the best i can to sound comprehensible to the people who know how code and tech works, just ask :')


#2 2023-03-26 02:58:04

Radical Ninja
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Re: Desmume resets the DSV file even though i have a backup

desmume doesn't reject it, the game rejects it and it resets itself to a clean save file. you're loading the wrong rom or dsv or mismatching them somehow or misusing your save file hacker.


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