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#1 2022-09-24 09:06:44

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Stuck with save state in the form of a .nds file

Hi! I made an account for the express purpose of solving this problem.
I'm new to emulation and I started playing via a online emulator website (myemulator .online). I enjoyed it enough to download DeSmuMe so I could play Animal Crossing: Wild World on a better emulator.
I've tried to convert the save states from the website into .dst and even .SAV files but they do not work. I've searched the internet for days and haven't found anyone mentioning this weird method of turning using .nds as a save state format.

What the website does is allow you to download the save state of your game so that next time you play, you can upload the state and continue where you left off. The states download as a .ggz file, which is a renamed .gz file. The .gz file contains a .png snapshot of where the game was last, and a .nds file which I assume is the rest of the data for the save.

What do I do with this? How can I use it to play on DeSmuMe?
I know it's a difficult question, so i'm sorry in advance.

Additional notes:
- I use MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
- I use DeSmuMe 0.9.13
- I also have a ROM of Wild World that runs perfectly fine on DeSmuMe, but of course there's no save data from my online emulator game
- Since the save state is a .nds file, DeSmuMe reads it as a ROM. Trying to load it gives the message:
The emulation has halted due to an internal issue.

    ARM9 Program Counter:     0x08000030
    ARM9 Instruction:         0x534E4939
    ARM9 Instruction Address: 0x08000028
- The save state is named "nds-animal-crossing-wild-world5`Sep | 23 | 21/45 | 2022.nds"
- If needed, I will happily share the .ggz file on a file-sharing site so that it can be tested!
- I emailed the team behind the myemulator website on the 16th of September, but they have yet to respond.

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#2 2022-09-24 16:33:24

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Re: Stuck with save state in the form of a .nds file

a .nds file is a strange choice for a savestate filename. Anyway the savestate is clearly in a proprietary format. It seems several files appended to each other. It's a desmume state (from which version? you can't move states from one version to another) and maybe also some settings or firmware and maybe part of the rom.. I don't know. It's strange. Anyway if you can find out exactly which desmume version theyre using (and I mean EXACTLY, bearing in mind it's necessarily customized to some extent and that may affect the savestating part of it) then it's possible you can open the ".nds file" in that version of desmume in a debugger to figure out where it's getting confused by the extra junk and then snip the file there. Or you may be able to scrutinize the ".nds file" in a hex editor long enough to figure out where the save state ends (perhaps make savestates in the comparable old version of desmume and see what they look like at the end, and look for similar markings in the ".nds file"
All of this will take less time than playing the game again.. so... good luck.
You're not likely to get any help for any of this here.


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