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#1 2022-09-14 22:53:22

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Emulator Sped Up (Mac)

I was playing Pokemon White and trying to find out which button was the fast forward one. I pressed the + or - buttons or something and now everything is faced passed. I pressed - to slow it down but when I release it, everything goes back to being sped up. I keep deleting and re-downloading it, but nothings working. I'm on Mac Monterey 12.3

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#2 2022-09-15 01:34:10

Radical Ninja
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Re: Emulator Sped Up (Mac)

look up how to uninstall desmume or delete the user settings, that will certainly fix it; next time, pay closer attention to what you're doing and make backups of your configuration. or, if you're patient, the mac guy might show up to tell you how.. eventually


#3 2022-09-15 22:16:40

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Re: Emulator Sped Up (Mac)

CaughtOne, the only way to do what you're describing is if you went into the Execution Control panel (by choosing Emulation > Show Execution Control...) and changed the execution speed by dragging the slider. Try checking the execution speed in the Execution Control panel. You can click the Normal Speed button to reset the execution speed back to 1.00x.

All hotkeys, including the ones related to execution speed, can be changed in DeSmuME > Preferences, and clicking on Input at the top. The relevant options for changing execution speed are "Set Speed" and "Enable/Disable Speed Limiter".

If nothing else works, you can reset Mac DeSmuME's settings to their defaults. Reinstalling the app itself does not do this -- only deleting the org.desmume.DeSmuME.plist file can do this. (This is the standard behavior for Mac apps, and thus this behavior will not change in the future.)

The org.desmume.DeSmuME.plist file is located at: ~/Library/Preferences/org.desmume.DeSmuME.plist

If you find this too difficult, then you can run "Delete DeSmuME" that comes with your Mac DeSmuME installation package, which will delete the org.desmume.DeSmuME.plist file for you.

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