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#1 2021-07-20 23:14:50

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Save state wipes real save in Pokemon Platinum???

So, I save often when I'm playing Pokemon. I was just about to face Crasher Wake, and I saved the game. The game froze, and I button mashed a bit without realizing, and accidentally hit the hotkey for opening Save State #1. I then thought, no problem, I'll just re-open the rom. It should bring me back to my recent save, right? Wrong. It put me all the way back at Hearthome City, which is where I was at the Save State #1 file (I saved a state to test something.) It appears that opening a save state has fully overwritten my REAL save data linked to the rom. Does anyone know why this happened, or a fix for it? There's realistically no reason save states should ever take priority over real saves in just opening a rom by default, right?


#2 2021-07-21 01:28:30

Radical Ninja
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Re: Save state wipes real save in Pokemon Platinum???

When you loaded the state, the current save became the save stored in the savestate.
If you were using a recent version of desmume, then search your disk for a directory under desmume's StateSlots directory with the name (backups) and you will see there are backup states in there with one made at the moment you pressed the loadstate key on accident. if you load that backup state you will be back in the condition you were at before you messed up


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