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#1 2021-05-31 06:15:35

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Screen Share Crash

I have been running through pokemon white and decided that I wanted to stream me fighting the champion to my friends via discord. I booted up the stream and began speeding through the menus. Not long after, the stream says that it has been paused and suddenly the window for the emulator closes. Not sure what's going on, I tried changing my sound setting to synchronous as well as trying to stream at a lower resolution, same issue. I've looked around the interweb for an answer but they were either vague at best or a fix that only works case by case. I'd appreciate any help y'all can offer!


#2 2021-06-01 00:41:39

Radical Ninja
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Re: Screen Share Crash

Try playing WITHOUT streaming to see if it's crashing unrelatedly to streaming. If it's strictly related to streaming, then it's a bug in your GPU driver or streaming program and likely you will only work around it by upgrading or downgrading GPU drivers or streaming software. If it happens in desmume all on its own, then you should use a newer version of desmume, stop using savestates, and upgrade/downgrade your gpu drivers (and change your config > display method in desmume, and change the 3d renderer in desmume). Also consider turning off your security software which can wreck everything


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