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#1 2008-12-10 22:55:37

From: Planet EarthMU
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Is the DeSmuME source code full of simple syntax errors for a reason?

Whenever I try to compile DeSmuME v.0.80, DevC++ says there's a bunch of coding errors.  When I checked them out, they seemed to be rather simple, stupid stuff (no offense, btw).  Is there a reason for this?  I'm pretty sure if I clean it up with a little C-language debugging, the thing will compile, but still... it puzzles me.

A portion of the errors that stood out to me was the control input emulation.  Also, there were unterminated commands.

Was this a test to make sure that noob programmers don't just edit one line of code and go "WOOT i made an Emulator!  Lookit me!  Download!  Now fast hurry!"

And Shash, if you already e-mailed me about this, sorry in advance.  I wasn't sure if my e-mail was working properly.  sad

Ever heard of GBA-DSP?


#2 2008-12-11 00:46:26

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Re: Is the DeSmuME source code full of simple syntax errors for a reason?

The devCPP project file hasn't been updated in a while, iirc. It compiles perfectly with VisualC.
And no, it doesn't have mistakes on purpose, that would be an extremely stupid idea.


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