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#1 2014-04-06 16:02:48

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Best ways to max out the graphics settings?


Firstable thanks for the great work.

My question is how to improve graphics quality without using filters?

For example how to enable Anti-Aliasing or how to render the game in higher resolution (without magnification)?

What about DirectDraw HW vs OpenGL + Filter?

Softrasterizer vs OpenGL 3.2?


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#2 2014-04-07 03:23:48

Radical Ninja
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Re: Best ways to max out the graphics settings?

there are no options to improve graphics quality apart from what you see in the 3d settings configuration.

1. to enable anti-aliasing use a new SVN build.
2. this conflicts with your original premise of not using filters, and at any rate, makes no difference beyond whether it's blurry or not
3. you must choose the one which works best for the particular scene youre playing in the particular game


#3 2017-08-04 06:07:08

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Re: Best ways to max out the graphics settings?

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