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#1 Support II (decommissioned) » Pheonix Wright Save Problem (and 2 other minor problems) » 2008-08-03 20:03:32

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Hello everyone, I am running on a late 2007 24 inch mac. I got the first Pheonix Wright game and when i try to save in game it says "save failed". When I try to load a save state I will get beach balled (basicly it crashes). Is there anyway to fix this problem? I read a similar post but i didn't find a real answer to my problem.

That is my really big problem, the other 2 are minor problems

My first minor problem is that the framerate is higher then the game is supposed to be. But when i go into the court record the framerate gets pretty slow and runs slower then the game is supposed to be. Also the music is affected because of the framerate, when the framerate is high the music is playing really fast. But when the framerate is slow, the music starts playing really slowly. Is that just because its an emulation? Or can it be fixed

My last problem is with graphics, the graphics is emulated to perfection, except when I hit OBJECTION the bottom screen seems to get screwed up, I would try to Screen shot for you guys... But the objection lasts for a second and its very hard to XD. Anyway yeah thats a pretty small problem too.... Just wondering if any1 knows what to do. I can live with it, just wondering.

If anyone can help me, It would be much appreciated. Thank you all very much

#2 Support » Loading Save States on a mac » 2008-08-02 15:31:51

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hey everyone, i am having trouble loading save states on my late 2007 24 inch model (the game im playing is the first pheonix wright). Every time I do it, it loads but it gets beach balled (it basicly doesn't really work). Does anyone know what I can do?

Also I have a minor trivial problem. The frame rate is a bit faster then the normal game, anyway to fix that? It doesn't matter that much tho.

Thanks for your support everyone

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