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#1 Support II (decommissioned) » Golden Sun Dark Dawn (J) : Frame skipping problem » 2010-10-29 08:38:15

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Since the JP version is out, many people(including me) have tested it with DSME.....

-3D: SoftRasterizer for sure
-Emulation: no need for advanced bus-level timing(Don't see the need to use it YET, and it slows down things)
-Sound: Synch method N(Dual synch seems to give poor output here), Advanced SPU Logic

Now here comes the main problem:
We need frame skip set to zero, otherwise the screen won't refresh in battle(most of the time).
I guess this problem appeared in some other games also,
and thus the speed problem that we shouldn't have.
(Come on, we all deal these problems with FrameSkip......)

Just hope that someone can solve this problem before(after?) US version's release.....

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