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#1 Re: Support » Sound » 2010-10-03 01:34:45

All expect the deep labyranth now I retried them all.

#2 Re: Support » Sound » 2010-10-02 20:26:20

Operating System:
Windows (Service Pack 2)
CPU Type:
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz
CPU Speed (GHz):
System Memory (GB):
Video Card Model:
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Video Card Driver:

Recheck Labyrinth that works alright with the music but the voice over is still crackling, other games the same thing as before music and voice. In games like pokemon pearl and Heroes Saga where theres no voice the music always plays fine.

#3 Re: Support » Sound » 2010-10-02 19:04:35

Umm quite a few Avalon Code, Deep labyrinth, Suikoden tierk, Luminous arc 1&2, Sands of Destruction, summon night twin age, The world ends with you, thier are more but it happens pretty much with any game with voice overs the music and Voices are crackling

#4 Re: Support » Sound » 2010-10-02 18:56:00

Did that But now the voices crackle again

#5 Support » Sound » 2010-10-02 15:58:47

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Last night my sound would crackle, lag and sometime  repeat itself a couple times. I was able to fix the crackling, But the lag and  still repeating itself a couple times. What can I do to fix this I messed around with the buffer to fix the crackling but it did nothing for the lag, Set my sync mode to synchronous and set method to Z. Still nothing just the voice just gets clear. So help please

Yes I am using the latest version

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