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#1 Re: Support » Noob at using Desmune » 2007-06-06 06:24:21

I too am new to DS emulators, how does one set frame skip off? Do you set it to 0? Thats what I did, and it went from 3 to 25 fps, the sound is weird, but it works. It seems to freeze at the beginning when you start the game, and it does a cut scene.

Would anyone know if 15-25 fps is normal for my compy, I have a

2ghz cpu athalon Athlon XP 2600+

1 gigabyte of ram (varies pc333 to pc266 not smart i know)

I dont think this matters for a ds emulator, but I don't even have any clue how they work, I assumed it was like a n64 emulator, apparently not.

512 megs of video ram

radeon 1600xp sapphire.

I know gaming systems work very different from computers since they do not have an OS running in the background and such, and that emulators require much more then the system they are emulating, but I would think something that has (67 MHz and a 33 MHz) , a combined total processing power of 1/20 my cpu power would be slow is just mind boggling. I'm not saying anything bad or anything, I will not even pretend to understand how coding works, I'm just wondering why that is.

Great work on the emulator smile best one out of the mean I have tried.

ahh, setting it to 0 does not turn off frame skip, it just slows down the game, thats no good, how does one set frame skip off? It didnt freeze on the cutscene that time though.

Im using version 7, version 4 seems to be able to run it at a normal speed, but no sound.

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