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#1 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-17 08:37:57

Never mind, I see what you did. It works now, thanks a bunch.

#2 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-17 08:26:31

How exactly do I use this to fix the problem? the dsv file you gave me is named differently from the save state file i gave you. When i moved the .dsv you gave me into the desmume folder and loaded the save state I gave you and saved, it just made another dsv file with the same name as the save state (9K again). I tried renaming the dsv and the save state file, doesnt seem to work. What'd you do to fix it?

#3 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 23:13:21

Right, I thought you meant send it directly on this forum.

I appreciate your taking a look.

#5 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 22:48:11

I didn't use any cheats, but I think you just told me why it's not working. I didn't realize the savestate includes the savefile. I must have specified the wrong save type at some point when I used the save states. I just tried starting a new game and saving/using save states, and both seem to work fine now and  the .dsv comes up as a 513K file. Just to make sure, this means that I'm screwed and can't use the old save state files and need to start over, right?

#6 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 22:36:56

I started it in 0.9.6. I pretty sure I left the save file size on auto detect, but I'm not 100% sure. So you're saying that if I did specify it, then I screwed myself over completely and would have to start over, right? If we assume I didn't specify and left it on auto detect, is there anything that could be causing this?

#7 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 22:26:15

Sorry, one more thing. I'm pretty sure I never used the in-game save before now on the second computer, but it says there's a save file. I'm guessing that first save file is in the wrong format and won't let the correct type save over it, so is there some way to delete that first 9K save file? deleting the 9K dsv file from the folder doesn't seem to do anything.

#8 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 22:14:57

I tried copying the 513 K file like you said.

Basically, it looks like the 513 K file is there while i turn on desmume and load the save state, but when the game saves, a 9K version replaces the 513 K file. When I looked at the link on your faq it said the correct save size for platinum was 5MB, so I'm guessing 9K overwriting is the problem, but I tried re-extracting to my documents and moving all the roms like you said, and no matter where it's located the 9K file seems to replace the .dsv when I load the save state and try to save. Is there any way around this?

#9 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 21:58:07

I looked at the *.dsv file, and I just realized its size is 9kB on the second computer and 513kB on the computer where it worked. I've tried both the 5MB save setting and the auto-detect setting, but it still ends up being 9kB; how do I fix this?

#10 Re: Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 21:48:55

Right, I saw that when i read the faq, and tried it but it still doesnt work. I tried running desmume as an admin, re-extracting desmume, re-downloading and then re-extracting, and combinations of everything. It says the game is saved, but when i reset the emulator it starts the game all over. Is there anything else you can recommend?

#11 Support » Problem with Pokemon Platinum » 2010-08-16 21:02:08

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I am playing pokemon platinum on the latest release, 0.9.6. I began playing the game on one computer and then moved the zip file to another computer and unzipped it there and moved my original save states to the second computer, and have been able to play the game without any problems.

After beating the elite four, the game does a save which isn't a save state, and continuing on with the game depends on that game save. The problem is that the save won't register, and it makes me start over a new game every time i beat the elite four. It's really weird because this problem doesn't exist in the first computer, and I made sure to look at all of the save settings and made the settings for the second computer the same as the first one. Both computers use the same operating system (windows 7). I've been looking online and at the desmume faq and i gather it's because of the save type, but I've tried every single available save type (they don't work), and I don't understand why it would work on the first computer and not on the second. I'd really appreciate some input. Thank you.

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